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About company

BETPRES, Private Limited Company, was founded in 1994. Since its beginning the company has been dedicated to the constructing and commercial activities. In the past it used to deal mostly with small production of prefabs. Now its principal business activity is focused on building production, new constructions or existing civil, residential as well as industrial buildings conversions using modern technological practices.

BETPRES Company has obtained a stable place on the market, with a professional approach to the demand of the customers, both, in the quality of services provided and in the successful completion of contract. It also plays the role of one of the leading entities on the market of Eastern Slovakia. In 2008, the acquisition of new administration premises was a significant element in company’s image and market position growth. The building was reconstructed through state of art construction techniques and materials and thus truly represents the identity of the entity. Throughout its history, the company operated only on the Slovak market. In 2012 the company expanded its operations also abroad and set up a new branch office in the Czech Republic, based in Prague.

Since its inception the company had been promoted as a supplier of the associated building production with constant focus on the implementation of electric and water plumbing as well as on the sewer systems. As a result of natural development, in 2000-2001 BETPRES Company decided to confirm its place on the Slovak building market and to make a push as a supplier of complex constructing activity providing new buildings. An inseparable part of this change was an increase of its own building works, increase of spent financial resources and increase of building projects for significant investors. From this period on, the company has predominantly acted as the general contractor for the undertaken works and projects. BETPRES Company, Ltd. puts stress mainly on the production of building constructions of various types – from civil engineering and line structures, through industrial halls and premises to the constructions of civil and residential character. So far, the company carried out dozens of new buildings and renovations of the schools, hospitals, administration premises, commercial centers, car showrooms, industrial halls and warehouses as well as municipal water supply systems and sewer systems.

The year of 2000 was a crucial one for the company in the area of quality. In that year the company successfully introduced into practice the Quality Management System: STN EN ISO 9002, and on 28 February 2001 it obtained the certificate from TÜV BAYERN SACHSEN Company. BETPRES Company still aspired after upgraded quality management, and in 2009 it obtained a recertification on the new Management System: STN EN ISO 9001:2009, which was granted by TÜV SÜDDEUTSCHLAND Company.

In the following years, the requirements for environmental protection as well as for health and safety at work rapidly increased. Therefore the company BETPRES replied to such demand and well prepared itself through successful implementation of environmental management system in accordance with the norm of STN EN ISO 14 001:2005 in 2006, and in 2009 the company was certified in compliance with the system of OHSAS 18001:2009. All of these management systems are annually audited by an external body and certificates are updated regularly. The management of the company fully realizes a need to observe these norms and due to the quality of their work and complex quality management system implemented, the company is able to persuade new customers that its completed work is of the best quality as well as the best arranged prices and terms, while the protection of the environment and their own employees is also fully ensured.

The employees are considered the main pillar of BETPRES. They represent an inseparable part of the management oriented towards customers. Thanks to their professionalism, abilities, experience and responsible approach, BETPRES Company has gained the reputation and image of a trustworthy and loyal partner. The management of the company, however, seriously recognizes the need for training and education of new professionals and specialists. Therefore the company closely cooperates with the Faculty of Engineering at the Technical University in Košice.

In their work activities, the company BETPRES, Ltd. places great emphasis on the quality and professional approach to their clients, which results in a positive effect in multiple and long-term cooperation with several business partners. Despite a number or awards that the company received from prominent agencies or professional bodies or periodicals, the management of the company considers the customers’ and employees’ satisfaction the most valuable reward.