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Area of certified seed

Investor:  IPK AGRO s.r.o. Košice
Implementation period: 12/2019 – 09/2020
Description of the construction: The subject of the construction is the construction of a single-storey hall of rectangular ground plan with dimensions of 72.44 x 48.44 m. The hall has an asymmetrically divided gabled roof, while the roof of the hall where the production is located is higher. The height of the building is 13.04 m at the highest point and 6.83 m at the lowest point. Inside, the hall is divided into 2 parts "A", "B" and part of the background and offices. Hall "A" will be used as a floor warehouse and hall "B" as a technological hall for processing agricultural crops. Internal usable height in the storage part is min. 6.0 m and min. 10,0 m. The façade of the hall will consist of 100 mm thick sandwich panels.