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Field of operation

The company BETPRES is registered into the list of entrepreneurs in accordance with the Act on Public Procurement whereas it disposes of necessary material, mechanical and technical equipment as well as of qualified employees with high level of expertness to execute their activities.

As far as the sort of construction is concerned the company ranges most of its construction production in the following way:

Civil and Residential Construction:

  • administration and residential buildings;
  • multifunctional buildings;
  • healthcare facilities;
  • sport facilities;
  • motor showrooms;
  • commercial and shopping centers, supermarkets;
  • reconstruction of historical sights

Engineering Construction:

  • water-supply systems and sewer systems;
  • waste dumps;
  • hard landscaping;
  • parking lots and communications;
  • sewage treatment plants and pumping stations

Industrial Buildings:

  • diverse production, warehousing and dispatching halls;
  • construction works within reconstructions and additional buildings under the section of industrial constructions and buildings

The construction activities target the main construction works and associated construction works.

Main Construction Work

  • earth-works;
  • sheathing, concreting work;
  • masonry;
  • timberwork;
  • latter facing systems;
  • conventional surfacing, thin-layered;
  • cam pavement and other communications;
  • ground and garden shaping

Associated Construction Work

  • electrical installation and lightning rod;
  • plasterboard system and mineral soffit;
  • antistatic flooring, cast flooring;
  • sanitary installation;
  • plumber construction and roof covering;
  • carpenter construction;
  • ceramic paving and tiling;
  • floating flooring, timber flooring, etc.;
  • indoor plaster squilgee, painting, surface coating;
  • reconstruction systems application