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Quality management system

Since its entrance on the market, the company BETPRES has been constantly focused on continuous improvement of the production quality in its internal as well as external processes. High quality of finished projects is the first indicator that witnesses this responsible approach. However, as far as the formal aspect of harmonized evaluation is concerned, the official certificates attesting management systems applied in the company since 2000, are the ones that prove such an attitude in a significant way towards potential customers, investors and partners.

In February 2001, the company TÜV BAYERN SACHSEN granted the company BETPRES the certificate on Quality Management System which was established in the company in 2000 in accordance with STN EN ISO 9002. In 2001, the company was recertified by the TÜV SÜDDEUSCHLAND Company in new Quality Management System according to STN EN ISO 9001:2000. This system was consequently recertified on the STN EN ISO 9001:2009 by  the TÜV SÜD Slovakia in May 2009.

In 2006, with the supreme recognition of responsibility for the environment, that is nowadays considered the most crucial precondition for sustainable development, the company BETPRES implemented environmental management system according to STN EN ISO 14001:2005. This management system was certified by the company TÜV SÜD Slovakia.

The top management of BETPRES has also been focusing its attention to the protection of employees whereas the demandingness of production technological proceedings increases continually. The company has established and applies Safety Management System that was certified according to the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2008 in June 2008 by the company TÜV SÜD Slovakia.

The company BETPRES emphasizes not only the administrative aspects of the integrated management system, but especially its strict observance in practice. Its practical application ensures not only the transparency of internal processes, but also targeted achieving of the highest quality of constructions made, white protecting the environment and employees at the same time.