Annex building and superstructure of the kindergarten in the village of Čičava

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Construction description:

The project addresses the annex building of the classroom, playroom and bedroom, two staircases from the south and north side and the extension superstructure of the 2nd floor above the floor plan of the existing building. The original ground floor layout will be partially modified. The proposed design focuses on reconstructing the kitchen and kitchen facilities and three classrooms of kindergarten for 66 children.

One classroom is designed on the 1st floor by extending the premises and rebuilding the existing part. On the 2nd floor, two classrooms for 21 children each are designed, together with facilities. The annex part is based on the basic blocks and imposts; the ceiling above the 1st floor is designed as reinforced concrete. The 2nd floor superstructure is designed as a brick one, with a reinforced concrete finish of an annular arch. The roof is designed as a double pitched – tie beam (with the overlap of gable walls) combined with half span roofs and attics in the annexed superstructure areas. A wooden truss is designed above the staircases, and wooden beams are used above the east side’s annex.

The roofing in the annex buildings is PVC; the tie-beams are designed to cover lacquered plastic sheet metal. The floor in the annexed part is insulated with a polystyrene floor layer of 12 cm. Staircase to the 2nd floor are monolithic – reinforced concrete, railings are steel. There is a proposed gutter path made of concrete slabs defined by the parking curb from the north, west and south side. New wiring is planned within the building, including the boiler plant, sanitary equipment, including a grease trap, reconstruction of the gas intake equipment, and electrical intake equipment.