Sports hall Angels Arena – reconstruction and modernization

  • Investor
    City of Košice
  • Locality
  • Date of completion
    02/2022 – 08/2023
Construction description:

The existing hall is located in the Košice Old Town.

The reconstruction of the sports hall is designed on the basis of modernization of the premises and capacities to achieve the current standards of sports events. In the existing hall, the side stands will be demolished. Under the stands, changing rooms of athletes, changing rooms of referees, washrooms, etc  will be built . In the entrance area there is a passage buffet with preparation rooms, locker room for employees and facilities. In the part of the original stage, a technical space will be created in the basement made available by sloping ramps. In the basement, a diesel generator will also be placed as a replacement power source to ensure the entire event takes place in the event of a power outage.