Summer swimming pool Trebišov – TOBOGÁN (WATERSLIDE)

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Construction description:

The waterslide consists of one spiral toboggan (length approx. 48.66m, central radius approx. 2.15m and height 5.58m) and one straight slide (length approx. 12.24m, height 3.24m) with access from a steel toboggan tower in two height levels.

Stopway units complete the spiral toboggan and waterslide. A steel staircase provides the entrance to the toboggan tower. In front of the stairs, there is a slosh-through area, through which one must pass. The laminate parts of the toboggan are mounted on a galvanized steel structure. A service communication area made of concrete interlocking paving is designed for the toboggan, on which the stopway units are placed.