MINI BABY BEL Production of cheese

  • Investor
    Syráreň BEL Slovensko, a.s., Lastomírska 1, 071 01 Michalovce
  • Implementation period
    08/2007 – 03/2008
  • Location
Construction description:

The construction is located on the premises of the Syráreň Bel Slovensko a.s. on Lastomírská Street in Michalovce and represents a reconstructed production hall for production of Mini Baby Bel.

The main construction is single-storey with a sloping gable roof, while in the part of the building there is a second floor with social and administrative facilities. Internal structure includes manufacturing, storage and communication areas. The building is built on concrete foundation strips and is made of a classic masonry construction. During the construction works, some partitions were broken and the internal layout of the building was slightly changed. At the same time, the subject of reconstruction was the replacement of all utilities, with emphasis on special stainless steel sewerage systems, implementation of new concrete floors and ceramic floor and wall tiling, replacement of plastic windows, implementation of new interior plasters and external insulation of the building. The main building was a newly built paraffin treatment facility, which is used in the production process. Since food production is in the hall, all materials and technologies have been used to meet the strictest hygiene and safety criteria.