Recreation areal BREZY, Stará Lesná

  • Investor
    BREZY, s.r.o. Kováčska 19, 040 01 Košice
  • Implementation period
  • Location
    Stará Lesná
Construction description:

The recreational area BREZY Stará Lesná is expanding the neighbourhood’s existing hotel establishments with apartment and individual recreational accommodations. There are two occupied 4-storey tall apartment houses (with 16 and 17 apartments respectively) and seven 2-storey lodges on the premises.

The needs for static transport are secured for the apartment houses by two parking lots sized 2×19, while the lodges offer parking spaces as part of their premises. Pedestrian movement is secured by pathways that connect to the access road. The area is complemented by a relaxing park with a pond and a children’s playground. The intimacy of the recreational housing is secured by heightened earthen ramparts and further landscaping modifications. The architecture of the area is made up of the spatial composition of 2-storey lodges rotated and shifted against each other, and in the case of the apartment houses, elevated on a 2-storey base as well. The lodges are designed on a floor plan of 6.14×12.2 metres and have a saddle roof. The character of the lodges is considered in a modern style using natural building materials.