Construction modifications and maintenance work on the building Faculty of Aeronautics TUKE No.15, Rampová 7, Košice

  • Investor
    Slovak Training Academy, s.r.o., Štúrova 925/27, Dubnica nad Váhom 018 41
  • Implementation period
    06/2019 – 09/2019
  • Location
Construction description:

The subject of the construction is to change the layout of the original rooms. The layout on the first floor is complemented by security areas, a common room, a prayer room, and the existing technical room remains in its original condition. On the 2nd floor will create rooms for three people, kitchen, living room and new sanitary facilities.

In the interior, all installations of the utility network will be renewed, all surface treatments of walls, ceilings and floors will be renewed, and the furnishings will be added to the rooms. After the total renovation, the maximum capacity of the facility will be 90 guests.