Fuel station – Levoča

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Construction description:

The kiosk and car wash building of the Petrol Station Complex – Levoča was designed as a sales and service building. The new construction of the gas station is one-story without a basement, with a rectangular floor plan.

The entrances to the building are situated from the north, east and south. The new construction of the gas station is designed as a ground floor building of the store, connected to a system of steel open shelter above the fuel dispensing pumps and from buried underground storage tanks. The brick building of the store, together with the covered car wash extension, is one structural unit. The building has load-bearing perimeter walls designed for the entire height.

Due to the wet environment, the carwash’s inner walls are designed as concrete, cast into formwork blocks, with structural reinforcement in the middle of the thick walls. The internal brick partitions in the module behind the store create warehouses, technical rooms and facilities for employees. The internal transverse dividing load-bearing walls divide the building into three modules, above which a ceiling system is designed as prestressed roof panels. The shelter above the fuel dispensers has a primary support system designed as a spatial system of steel frames on columns.