IBV VEĽKÁ POPRAD – Terraced houses

  • Investor
  • Implementation period
    03/2017 – 10/2017
  • Location
Construction description:

The subject of the project is the construction of a new residential complex consisting of 12 family homes in the form of terraced houses in three parallel lines.

There are 3 two-module family houses and 1 three-module family house next to each other in every street line. The family houses don’t have basements, are two storeys tall without an attic and covered with a flat roof. Also part of the construction was the installation of the water supply, sewerage and gas supply, the construction of individual houses including infill structures, indoor wiring installation, facade insulation and interior and exterior surface finishes. The Ytong building system was used to erect the perimeter walls as well as internal partitions and stairs. The ceiling structure above the first storey was made as a monolithic reinforced concrete slab. The supporting structure of the roof consists of wooden trusses. The roofing structure is insulated using EPS thermal insulation and finished using a waterproof foil. The interior finishes of the walls and ceilings were made of stucco, while the ceilings on the second storey have a finish made of fireproof plasterboard. The floor coverings in the interior are made of ceramic tiles or laminate flooring depending on the room type. The external finishes of the facade consisted of plaster and stone cladding, imitating wood. The fillings of openings consist of plastic window profiles filled with insulating triple glazing. The heating of the houses is solved by means of a gas condensing boiler and underfloor heating system. The construction creates a new residential complex which integrates into the existing developments on Jarmočná Street in Poprad.