Modernization of the administrative building of ÚVTOS Košice – Šaca

  • Investor
    Ústav na výkon trestu odňatia slobody, Budovateľská 1, 040 15 Košice-Šaca
  • Implementation period
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Construction description:

The project aims to reduce the building’s energy needs following the energy audit recommendations beyond meeting the minimum energy efficiency requirements.

This goal will be achieved by:

– improving the thermal-technical properties of outside layer structures (external cladding, roofs)
–reduction of heat losses by ventilation recuperation
–installation of renewable energy equipment in the building (heat pumps, solar collectors)
–by adjusting and regulating the heating system
–modernization of lighting using the lamps with the low power consumption of energy
The designed modifications show the features of a significant renovation of the building. The renovation will focus only on external cladding and energy savings and will not affect the purpose of use and layout of interior spaces.