Production hall MATEC Sabinov

  • Investor
    MSK Real Estate s.r.o., Kpt. Nálepku 443, 082 71 Lipany
  • Locality
  • End date
    5/2021 - 4/2022
Construction description:

The hall is of steel construction. The complete hall consists of 6 smaller halls with dimensions 5x 18x84m and 1x 24x84m.

The vertical load-bearing structures are columns built-in in the base footings. The perimeter construction of the hall consists of sandwich panels with an insulation thickness of 15 cm. The surface color of the sheet metal surface is anthracite. There are no partitions between the assembly halls. The first three halls 18x84m are assembly and storage spaces. The fourth hall is a paint shop with dimensions of 24x84m. The paint shop is separated from the rest of the halls by a full plasterboard wall. The offices in the production hall are designed from a load-bearing steel structure made of rolled profiles and will be filled with plasterboard wall dividers with sound and thermal insulation.