Sports hall in Vranov nad Topľou

  • Investor
    Town of Vranov nad Topľou, Dr. C. Daxnera 87/1, 0963 16 Vranov nad Topľou
  • Locality
    Vranov nad Topľou
  • End date
Construction description:

The building is located in ​​the existing pressurized hall in the primary school area in the Sídlisko Juh locality, which is dismantled and disconnected from utilities.

The newly designed sports hall is designed as a ground floor building divided into the main sports space with dimensions of 29.3 m x 45.5 m with an attic height of 10.2 m and a background area around the hall’s perimeter with an attic height of 5.2 m. Upstairs is a VIP area, accessible by a separate staircase. The foundation is realized on drilled piles. The load-bearing structure is a prefabricated reinforced concrete skeleton with a 5×30 m module with steel trusses spanning a 30 m hall with a flat roof, clad with mineral wool facade panels and a glass facade made of AL profiles. The walls and ceilings are designed from plasterboard. The tread layers of the floors are a combination of laminate flooring, ceramic tiles and sprung flooring within the playing area. New wiring, EPS, HSP, structured cabling, sanitary engineering, heating, and air conditioning are being designed within the building. The building is connected to the adjacent technical infrastructure.

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