Storage hall Z3 (Extension of hall Z2)

  • Investor
    ZEOCEM, a.s.
  • Lokalita
  • Dátum realizácie
    8/2021 - 10/2021
Construction description:

The construction is located in the premises of ZEOCEM a.s. in the village Bystré.

The storage hall is an industrial single-storey building, measuring 66.7 m x 24.925 m with a gabled roof. The building is designed as a one-room storage space with a connection to hall Z2 between the axes of columns 6 and 7 and with a connection to the outside space through a door in the middle of the southwest wall. The floor is a reinforced concrete self-supporting slab 200 mm thick with a smooth surface, placed on a gravel base layer.

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