The completion of an administrative building, Mlynská 31, Košice

  • Investor
    Východoslovenská energetika Holding a.s., Mlynská 31, 042 91 Košice
  • Implementation period
    01/2018 – 07/2019
  • Location
Construction description:

The subject of the construction is the completion of an administrative building, whose ground plan is of a contoured shape, the dimensions of which are roughly 66.45 x 44.55 metres. The building is designed to be made up of six storeys, one underground and five above ground. The building is structurally designed as a monolithic skeleton of reinforced concrete with studless ceilings and heads.

The underground storey serves both as a parking space and storage space. The ground floor has a parking lot, an archive and technical facilities. The storeys above ground are used as office spaces from which you can enter the receding terrace walkways. From the TWINSON material on individual storeys. The underground storey is structurally designed as a white bathtub. The facade of the building is realised using the aliplast aluminium system combined with a contact heating system lined with brick tiles and faux concrete plaster. The interior of the building is a combination of exposed perimeter walls and interlaced reinforced concrete ceilings and plasterboard dividers. Each ceiling has integrated cooling, which provides heating and cooling for the given office spaces. The floor is made out of raised calcium sulphate flooring with carpets and PVC. The building is connected to the pre-existing building using two connecting bridges made from a steel frame which is also enwrapped in the aliplast aluminium system. The administrative building is connected to all the engineering networks. The interior of the building is connected to a parent instrumentation and control system, which ensures control over various process variables such as the cooling, ventilation, and so on. The building is equipped with a lift as well as individual facilities, which ensure the operational capability of the building. These include: wiring, a fire alarm notification appliance, voice alarm systems, CCTV, plumbing, central heating and ventilation.