Construction of a storage hall for packed products

  • Investor
    ZEOCEM a.s.
  • Locality
  • Date of completion
    03/2022 – 06/2022
Construction description:

The building is located in the premises of the ZEOCEM, a.s. Company, between the Mlynica building and concrete silos, to which the building will be connected.

The building is approx. 17x7m and holds technology that facilitates micro-sorting of zeolite, which is then placed into containers and subsequently shipped for packing into large-capacity bags or directly to holding tanks. The supporting structure of the building is a steel structure consisting of steel “H” profiles. The perimeter walls are sheathed with a sandwich panel and from level +6.22 by trapezoidal sheet metal. The floor is made of non-combustible poured concrete.