Decreasing the energy consumption of the Soľ municipality‘s municipal office building

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    Obec Soľ, Soľ 161, 094 35 Soľ
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Construction description:

The subject of this commission is the insulation of coated structures, the replacement of old filled structures, the insulation of ceiling structures, the adjustment and thermostating of the existing heating system, the installation of heat recovery ventilation and the replacement of the electrical wiring, light sources, window openings (including window sills) and the roofing.

  • Because the perimeter wall was wet, it was necessary to cut off the plinth’s peeling plaster, to carry out the grouting of the walls along the perimete and to waterproof the foundations including parts in the basement
  • Restoration of the basement plaster
  • Removal of the old paint job in the whole building, trimming weathered plaster, coating the walls with fiberglass. Lattice, stuco plaster
  • Replacement of the remaining wooden windows, new glass wall at the entrance
  • Contact thermal insulation system for the facades
  • The dismantling and disposal of the old asbestos roofing, repair of the chimneys, replacement of the damaged truss elements, new battens, roofing and gutter system
  • The full replacement of the electrical wiring, including all low current wiring
  • Central heating, including a gas boiler and heat recovery ventilation system
  • Ceramic tiles on staircases, stainless steel railings on ramps for the disabled
  • Insulation of the attic space and replacement of fire doors
  • Establishment of a drainage gutter, street drains with rainwater draining to the gutter.