Enlargement and extension of the building on Tajovského street Košice

  • Investor
    Ekonomická univerzita Bratislava, Dolnozemská 1, 845 45 Bratislava
  • Implementation period
  • Location
Construction description:

It is a project of construction and provision of internal equipment of educational premises for the Faculty of Business Economics of the University of Economics in Bratislava, with its seat in Košice. The construction is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The construction of the building is made of reinforced concrete skeleton on reinforced concrete strips.

In the underground floor there is a parking lot with a capacity of 56 parking spaces. Before excavating the construction pit, it was necessary to carry out archaeological exploration and to carry out static securing of the construction pit, as the surrounding buildings, which are also with a basement, are in close proximity. The first floor consists of classrooms with a small auditorium, sanitary facilities and a hall. Since the surrounding build-up area did not allow sufficient lighting, this is ensured by three atria. On the second floor except for classrooms, there is a large auditorium with an area of 321 meters2. Access to each floor is solved by a staircase and a passenger – freight elevator. Apart from construction works, the subject of the work is also a complex supply of distribution and installation of all media and networks, furniture and computer equipment.