Grocery store Spišské Vlachy

  • Investor
    KARMEN – veľkoobchod potravín s.r.o., Strojnícka 15, 080 01 Prešov
  • Locality
    Spišské Vlachy
  • End date
Construction description:

It is a newly built grocery store. The design is the L-shaped building, covered with a standard countertop roof, while the customer entrance is located on the northwest corner and the stock in the entrance is located on the opposite southeast side. The store has a rectangular shape and on the side, there is a tract for staff and stock in.

The new food store is located in the town of Spišské Vlachy on plots no. 1969/1 and 2060/3. Its main activity is the retail sale of food and additional sales of meat products, packaged meat, fruit, vegetables and the basic range of drugstores. The land is without development and it is necessary to connect it to all utilities.

Time collection: