• Investor
    KAMAX Fasteners s.r.o.
  • Locality
  • Date of completion
    11/2021 – 8/2022
Construction description:

The subject of the work is the construction of an extension of the production hall in the premises of the Kamax company, intended for the production of steel wire screws.

This is II. Construction phase, where a hall with the technology of processing steel wire into screws using presses is designed. The construction site is undeveloped with two lagoons, which need to be leveled by the embankment body. 

The new extension is designed as a production hall, which is parallel to the existing hall. The total length of the hall is 193.45 m and width 24.1 m, height 9.5 m.

The foundation of the building is deep with the help of piles. The supporting system of the hall is a prefabricated single-aisle with a span of 24.1 m. The perimeter cladding is light and made of PU panels laid horizontally to the columns of the hall. Construction of an extension II. Phase respects the construction and layout of the existing hall.