Panoráma Košice – Family houses – stage 3 and 3A

  • Investor
    Panoráma Košice, s.r.o., Kováčska 19, 040 01 Košice
  • Implementation period
    04/2013 – 04/2014
  • Location
Construction description:

The construction of the family houses is the part of the residential complex Panoráma Košice, located on the Heringeš hill overlooking the entire city. Stage 3 and 3A consist of 44 houses and one kindergarten and represents the latest stage in the construction of family houses.
Individual houses are built as terraced houses.

he subject of the works is the realization of the construction of the house, supply of curtain walling, cabling of building installations and realization of facade insulation. Perimeter wall as well as interior partitions are made of Porotherm ceramic bricks. The flat roof is insulated with EPS insulation and finished with Fatrafol waterproofing. Single-layer internal wall plaster with stucco finish. The ceilings of all rooms were made of fire-resistant plasterboard 15 mm thick, the floors are finished with cement coating, ready for final wear, adjusted to the owner’s choice. Heating of all houses is solved by air-water heat pumps and underfloor heating.
At this stage, 5 different architectural types of family houses were realized. An optional part of the supply was the construction of a garage in the case of a customer’s request. The subject of the work was also the realization of connection of houses to the utilities and paved areas.