Reconstruction of Hotel Horizont

  • Investor
    TATRA TRADING INTERNATIONAL s.r.o. , 059 60 Stará Lesná 178
  • Implementation period
    01/2015 – 11/2015
  • Location
    Stará lesná
Construction description:

The subject of the work is a comprehensive reconstruction of Hotel Horizont in the village Stará Lesná in High Tatras. The realization itself is divided into three separate stages that overlap each other over time.

Stage I – Reconstruction of the entrance and congress center

Solution I. Stages of reconstruction are based on the architecture of the existing object. An important step was to make the main entrance to the hotel visible and highlighted, while keeping all the necessary operational requirements. The original composition of the existing object is respected architecturally, while the entrance itself blends into the hotel congress center. Within this area, the entire building of the congress center, the entrance area of the hotel, the reception, the restaurant with the kitchen and the communication spaces in the interior were renovated. The installation wiring was replaced, the roof and facade were reconstructed in the form of a contact thermal insulation system. Part of this stage was also a comprehensive reconstruction of the outdoor areas and parking.

II. Stage – Reconstruction of accommodation parts of the hotel

The subject of this stage was the reconstruction of the common areas and rooms of the accommodation part of the hotel. The original partition were demolished and new ones were built according to the new layout of the rooms. At the same time, the reconstruction of the balconies and the replacement of all internal installations, windows, floor coverings and interior surfaces were carried out. Part of this stage is also a new building in which maisonette apartments are built.

III. Stage – Extension of the Wellness Center

A new swimming pool, sauna, massage and relaxation complex with changing rooms and sanitary facilities were built within this stage. The layout-operating part of this stage is also the use of the roof of the extension and its integration into the hotel operation – by creating seasonal terrace directly connected to the lounge, as well as landscaping of the park with possible additional sports use – minigolf, or rather adventure golf. The realization of these parts required a re-evaluation and subsequent change of the economic entrance to the hotel, adjustment of the staff facilities and storage facilities. During this stage a new garden house was constructed and a multifunctional sports ground were reconstructed as the exterior buildings.