VSE Košice – Areal Juh I

  • Investor
    Východoslovenská distribučná, a.s., Mlynská 31, 042 91 Košice
  • Implementation period
    10/2013 – 09/2014
  • Location
Construction description:

The newly constructed building serves as the administrative and operational center of the ENERKOS section of Východoslovenská distribučná a.s.. It provides functional, modern premises and technical facilities for 83 administrative and 58 production employees.

The dominant feature of the complex is a four-storey administrative building, architecturally designed as a compact prism with a greater depth, while the fourth floor is of a smaller size. The first floor is used as changing rooms and social area for production workers and as office space. The other two above-ground floors are office space, and the archive is located on the fourth floor. A distinctive architectural feature of the interior is a elevator with a glazed elevator shaft as well as a 5.5 meter long central skylight lighting the communication areas along the entire height of the building. The building was designed as a reinforced concrete skeleton with ceramic curtain wall. With an emphasis on energy efficiency, the system water-water heat pump was chosen as the source of heat and cold. The forced ventilation system, which is divided into four separate heat recovery units, also highlights the economical character of the building. A part of the area is a garage with parking spaces for 18 vehicles of service equipment and a workshop and storage facility divided into a heated and non-heated part. The whole area is interconnected with roads and paved areas, where 97 parking spaces were created, of which 5 were for the disabled.