Warehouse hall Komfos Prešov

  • Investor
    KOMFOS Prešov, s.r.o., Ľubochnianska 2, 080 06 Ľubotice
  • Implementation period
    03/2011 – 09/2011
  • Location
Construction description:

The subject of the construction was the demolition and disposal of an old, unused building and after preparing the land, the construction of a new hall building which serves as a warehouse for storing food. The building is situated in the industrial part of Prešov city on Ľubochnianska Street and is part of an existing complex.

The building can be accessed using an internal road which connects to the city’s roads. The building’s sectioned off based on its individual functional parts, which are: dry and chilled storage including handling facilities, drugstore stock storage, pallet storage and handling facilities. The second storey above ground is home to the administrative and other facilities. The load-bearing structure of the building consists of a steel skeleton. The perimeter cladding is made up of sandwich panels, while the ceiling cladding is folded. The realised flooring is made of concrete including epoxy resins. The outside fillings of openings were designed as plastic. Seven loading bridges and chambers serve for the unloading of goods. Part of the work was also the implementation of utility connections as well as the installation of sewerage, heating, the water supply, electrical wiring and air conditioning. External work included the building of fencing, walls and a parking lot with a driveway.