Improvement of the educational infrastructure in the joint school of Ľ. Podjavorinskej 22, Prešov

  • Investor
    Prešovský samosprávny kraj
  • Locality
  • Date of completion
    2/2023 – 2/2024
Construction description:

This is a complete change of disposition and functional-operational solution of the existing building of workshops for practical education, while maintaining the supporting steel structure.

The insertion of a new steel structure will vertically split the existing hall into 2 above-ground floors, whereby the first above-ground floor will be used it its full surface area and the second above-ground floor will utilize 1/3 of its area. The remaining 2/3 will be completed to the state of empty space, which will allow for variable use of this space in case of future school development.
The project also includes:

  • Gym modifications in the form of insulation of the southeast side and replacement of the existing windows with plastic windows,
  • Removal of addition to the main building
  • Replacement of internal distribution of water, sewage, gas, low voltage connection and reconstruction of illumination of the premises,
  • Replacement of part of the fencing of the premises,
  • Repair of intra-premises reinforced surfaces, including the addition of small exterior elements.